School Anthem – 1973

A competition was held in 1973 to coin the words to a rousing school anthem, sung to the tune Ode to Joy.

The conditions were:

That the words of the song contain the school motto (Palladem Alite) and its meaning (Cherish Wisdom)

We’re unsure of the winner, but these two entries were found in our archives. We hope whoever won received honour and glory!

2 Responses

  1. Simon Townsend says:

    My memories of a school song, were somewhat different at this time. Our music teacher, a Miss Carol, was responsable. I was School President at the time responding to student problems and staff requests together. Not too bad for a repeating 5th form student!

  2. Simon Townsend says:

    I have noted responsible was incorrectly spelt; old Beaudinette the Head Master would have had me for that.

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