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Volume 2 No. 1 – March 1959

Arbor Day was celebrated at the school on May 2nd, 1959 with a tree-planting afternoon. 150 red-flowering gums were available to the school to plant along Pascoe Vale Road.


Volume 2 No. 3 – May 1959

On May 31st, 1959, the school featured on Channel 7 as part of its “News Review”. Does anyone have a copy of this film? Please comment below!


Volume 2 No. 4 – June 1959

June 1959 saw the first inclusion of student work in the Glamis Gazette, gleaned from examination papers: As I swam through the water, I could see the fish darting in amongst the seaweed and the rocks. There were many species there and they were all colours and sizes. The flathead was barely visible as it...